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Cara Setting Hostname di CentOS 7

Cara setting hostname berikut adalah menggunakan hostnamectl (yang direkomendasikan). Selengkapnya cara setting hostname di CentOS 7 dapat menggunakan salah satu opsi berikut: hostnamectl command : Control the system hostname. This is recommended method. nmtui command : Control the system hostname using text user interface (TUI). nmcli command : Control the system […]

Command SEMANAGE Tidak Ada Dalam SELINUX

Dalam CentOS 7 kadang command semanage tidak bisa dijalankan meskipun selinux terpasang dan enabled. Hari ini googling nemu solusinya. Kira-kira seperti berikut inilah langkah memasang semanage di CentOS 7. Jalankan perintah berikut: yum provides /usr/sbin/semanage Hasilnya kira-kira sbb: Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Determining fastest mirrors * base: * extras: […]

How To Disable Javascript in Browser

JavaScript is a standardized, cross-platform, scripting language often used within web browsers to create interactive applications for dynamic web pages. Some users may wish to disable JavaScript for its potential to present compatibility issues and leave a system or a network exposed to security vulnerabilities. This article explains how to […]